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If you find yourself feeling more anxious than usual lately, you are certainly not alone in your struggles, it’s understandable for people to feel apprehensive about the uncertainty in the world today. And if you’re stuck at home (the kids, too!), that could exacerbate the problem because your routine is altered. Moreover, you may find yourself becoming bored, and if that’s the case, you should read our post “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” for twenty-five ideas to keep you and your children occupied. So, are you ready to learn how to stave off anxiety?

First, what exactly is the definition of anxiety? Well, in simple terms: anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress and/or the unknown. In this post, I’m referring to a general feeling of worry and not an acute clinical disorder. If you or someone you love is suffering from severe anxiety, please contact a professional for assistance. (Here is a link on the subject of anxiety disorders from the Mayo Clinic.)

Now that we have at least a rudimentary understanding of what anxiety is, we can discuss methods for staving off anxiety. Therefore, without further ado, here are some suggestions to help stave off anxiety.

Use deep-breathing – When you realize your beginning to stress, close your eyes, breathe in deeply through your nose, hold that breath for three seconds, and exhale slowly. Repeat this process until the feeling of anxiety has passed.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle – Your physical and mental health is directly correlated to your ability to handle stress; therefore, you should work diligently to maintain a healthy lifestyle. (1) Get adequate sleep, (2) eat a balanced diet predominately consisting of whole foods, (3) drink plenty of water, and (4) exercise regularly.

Question irrational thoughts – When you tell yourself unrealistic or judgmental statements, you will have illogical thought patterns. Accordingly, you’ll raise your level of anxiety by entertaining such erroneous declarations. So, learn to refute those ideas before they trigger feelings of worry.

  • Example of an irrational thought: I never do anything correctly because I’m worthless.
  • Example of combating that unsound thought: There are lots of things I do correctly. And, even if I do make a mistake (everybody commits errors), that doesn’t make me a worthless individual.

Be grateful always –Remember to Be Grateful” for everything you have because there is always someone else in a worse situation than you. And “Being replete with gratitude is the passport to contentment.” Subsequently, by practicing gratitude, you’ll look at circumstances differently; thus, you will be reducing anxiety, increasing happiness, and improving the lives of the people around you.

Talk with friends or family – Sometimes, all we need is a reality check, so keep in contact with people you trust to tell you the truth—not validate your irrational beliefs. And don’t be afraid to ask those individuals for help if necessary.

Practice self-care – Before you can adequately perform your obligations to others, you have to be healthy yourself; otherwise, your lack of self-care will engender unhealthy levels of stress, which isn’t advantageous to anyone. To prevent the accumulation of stress, pamper yourself by meditating, take a peaceful bath, get a massage, read a good book, treat yourself to a special dinner, or relax with a glass of wine and do nothing. You make a choice, but make sure to schedule downtime for yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, you now have several methods to stave off anxiety, but you have to implement these strategies into your daily routine to ensure success. I cannot emphasize this concept enough: you have to work at reducing your levels of anxiety vigorously. Because . . . nothing in life worth accomplishing happens without some degree of effort.

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