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Regardless of your particular Christian sect, sharing the knowledge of Jesus Christ and God’s grace (the grace that saves the lives of all who accept it) should be your topmost priority. As a Christian, you have no greater responsibility than to minister to the lost by sharing your faith everywhere you go.

Sadly, most Christians don’t evangelize regularly—if at all. Sure, they attend church and church-related activities, but when it comes to sharing their faith, they are somehow not in attendance. When asked, most believers will provide a laundry list of excuses: he or she is not knowledgeable enough; they don’t have the time (too many church activities); they fear rejection and humiliation; or else he or she is simply not “that type of person.”

Whatever the reasons provided, they all have one thing in common: they are nothing but excuses, plain and simple. Sure, sharing your faith with others isn’t always easy, particularly at your place of employment. Your company’s policy can severely limit your evangelistic possibilities at work, and common sense must be paramount. Nevertheless, convenient times to minister will arise in both your personal and professional life. And any fear or apprehensions you might experience must be eradicated. Otherwise, you will squander the opportunities that are the essence of your growth as a Christian.

Why is it so important to reach the lost? Well, for starters, it’s what Jesus commanded; in fact, He was very adamant about this, it’s called The Great Commission, and the Bible documents this clearly (Matthew 28:18-20). (You can find this verse on our God’s Words page.)

Furthermore, if you are a Christian, then you know it states in John 14:6 that nobody comes to the Father except by way of Jesus. Therefore, if you sit idly by and watch a stranger, your neighbor, a co-worker, or a family member slowly move towards death without the saving knowledge of Jesus and God’s grace, you have lent a hand in their damnation (Mark 16:16).

How do you go about sharing your faith? There is no wrong or right way to minister the gospel; however, always speak the simple and beautiful truth, making sure your words have a biblical foundation. You cannot go wrong with this approach. And there are numerous resources to assist you in learning to share the gospel. The best place to start is your church. Ask your pastor or a member of his staff to assist you. They will be more than happy to help or recommend a class that offers training in evangelism. Moreover, many books, websites, and television programs focus on sharing the word of God and providing biblical information. Two of the most exceptional individuals involved in teaching others to share their faith are Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. They have books, teaching materials, and tracts (tools for evangelizing). Just do a web search or visit their website directly at

Now you understand the importance of sharing the message of salvation, and you know where to look for assistance if necessary. The rest is up to you. Ask God to provide you with a passion for evangelism. Pray for newfound enthusiasm when it comes to ministering to the lost. Therefore, instead of feeling aloof, you will have compassion toward your fellow man . . . and be a “true” follower of Jesus Christ.

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