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As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve made some changes to the website: The site is now somewhat cleaner looking and loads substantially faster than before. And the material, going forward from today, will range from more traditional blog posts to longer articles—depending on the content and mood.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback regarding the new look, please e-mail us at We want you to enjoy spending time on our site while you peruse the content.

Moreover, if anyone out there is an inspiring fiction writer and would like to read the occupational post on improving your fictional prose, let us know. I’ve included an excerpt below from an article I wrote for someone who asked me to provide a guest post for their author website. Since I could literally talk about writing for hours, I would be more than happy to share some advice from time to time.

Thank you, and God bless.

Developing Your Senses to Increase Writing Ability

You don’t need to enroll in a writing course at the local community college to improve your writing ability. The most worthwhile and inexpensive—by inexpensive, I mean free—technique for boosting your writing skills is to strengthen your observational expertise. Moreover, there is a direct correlation between the capability to gather data from the surroundings and your proficiency at producing detailed and colorful prose; therefore, it would behoove you to develop keen senses.

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Hope Your Day Started Better Than Mine

I hope your day began better than mine did: my lovely car made the decision it wasn’t going to start for me. However, I was still able to salvage the morning and complete my Saturday errands thanks to some assistance from my significant other. And this experience made me contemplate the importance of being flexible, of making preverbal lemonade when life gives you lemons.

Now, was I upset when my plans were thwarted? Yes, of course, I was a little upset, but I quickly made a choice to take a different approach. The result was that I completed the tasks I needed to accomplish, we were able to spend some extra time together (she purchased me a BIG cookie!), and I didn’t destroy the day by getting angry.

Therefore, tonight, when I’m sipping on some wine and eating crab cakes for dinner, I’ll be sure to thank God and my special lady for helping me to salvage what could have been a horrific start to my weekend.

So, here is my advice to you. The next time something occurs in your life that would typically make you want to explode, take a deep breath, continue with your plans by taking a different path, and enjoy the rest of your day. Life is too short for anything else.

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Happy Mother’s Day

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and wonderful Mother’s Day. And since I’m also a lover of all things horrific, strange, or utterly unknown, here are “7 Things You Don’t Know About Mother’s Day’s Dark History.” (Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself.) 

 But seriously folks, make sure to express to your mother just how special she is to you—regardless of your past relational circumstances. Don’t let the day come to a close without wishing her a happy Mother’s Day, even if you have to convey the message via phone, text message, or social media. Unfortunately, my mother is no longer on this Earth, and I wasted so many chances to convey my feelings for her while she was alive. Please, don’t make that same horrendous mistake.

Here are a few thoughts regarding mothers, straight from God’s Words.

“She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness” (Proverbs 31:26, King James Version).

“As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem” (Isaiah 66:13, King James Version).

“And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living” (Genesis 3:20, King James Version).

So, to every mother throughout this entire world, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. You’re an exceptional gift from God, worthy of love, respect, and admiration. Thank you for everything you do, because, without you, life would be unlivable.

God bless you!

P.S. Okay, before I forget to balance things out by catering to those who are not fans of the bizarre, here are “20 of the Most Beautiful Mother’s Day Quotes.”

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