Do Something Different

Are you consistently feeling bored with your life, always wishing for some exciting event to occur? If the answer to the question is yes, you need to examine your daily routine. … Are you living your life on autopilot? Are you driving the same way to work, eating the same salad for lunch, going out to dinner at the same place on the same night every week, and having the same arguments with your children/husband/significant other?

If this describes your existence, more or less, you need to make some serious changes.

You see . . . people become comfortable with routines that allow them to use hardly any brainpower, to avoid conflict, and maintain a state of inertia. It’s just human nature. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Furthermore, it’s a guaranteed method to ensure you and everyone around you is miserable.

Commit to reviving your life by getting out of your comfort zone. Try an activity you’ve never dared to attempt. Start a conversation with someone at the coffee shop, making sure to smile and genuinely listen to their words. Join a local group and attend meetings—maybe making some new friends in the process.

Just stop making excuses and take the first step.

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