Are You Born Creative?

I recently had a conversation on Twitter with someone regarding talent; more specifically, is creativity a talent, and are some individuals born more creative than others? Well . . . after performing some research, I have discovered that many experts like John Paul Garrison, PsyD, a clinical and forensic psychologist in Roswell, Georgia, believe that not only is creativity innate, but it also appears to be inheritable. You can read his thoughts on the Healthline website.

There are a couple of points to remember, however: (1) just because someone is born with talent doesn’t mean they have the motivation to take full advantage of said talent; and (2) you can be extremely competent at something without having the innate ability—if you’re willing to work diligently. For example, a writer may never win a Nobel Prize in Literature, but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of earning a comfortable living from their writing.

Conversely, you might have a creative activity you really enjoy but are not gifted (naturally talented) enough to make a career out of it. The same could be true for someone in your circle of influence. Therefore, you may have to acknowledge the obvious and make necessary corrections to goals or plans; however, before you tell someone else the cold hard truth, you may want to read my post “Do We Really Want the Truth?”

With all that being said, whether you are a gifted artist, or just enjoy being creative, embrace the ability to express yourself. And if you have children, friends, relatives, or a partner that engages in creative endeavors, make sure to encourage them consistently, even if such pursuits never go beyond the level of a hobby.

“Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith” (Romans 12:6, King James Version).

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Never Too Old, Never Too Late

All of us have dreams we would like to bring to fruition, preferably sooner than later; however, we tend to rationalize why we are not taking the necessary steps to transform those dreams into realities. And if we’re not exactly spring chickens, one of our favorite excuses is we’re too old to start something new.

Well … I’m here to tell you this: You are never too old to fulfill your aspirations.

But there are several elements you need to be aware of to increase your chances for success. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.

Stop making excuses – You are no longer allowed to formulate reasons why you “can’t.” Please stop it.

Have a plan – Take the time to draft a plan of action, making sure to include specific details about your dream, a realistic timeframe, and any prerequisites that need to be tackled. If you don’t have a roadmap, how are you going to reach your destination?

Look for examples – Perform some research and unearth people that have already made their dreams a reality. Take detailed notes as to how they managed to achieve those goals. Because of modern technology, you have access to more information—including cat videos—than ever before. Use it to your advantage.

Receive advice sparingly – Learn to discern between constructive criticism and negative comments people make regarding you or your goals. Even individuals with the best intentions can supply unnecessary negativity, but you can disregard that advice. Period.

Ask for help – When you hit a roadblock, and it will happen at some point, reach out to someone for assistance. (No, it will not make you look weak.) If you genuinely desire to make your dream a reality, swallow your pride and ask for assistance. Guidance from a friend, trusted coworker, or a successful individual can be priceless.

Now, before the day concludes, go out there and be a game-changer. Make all of your dreams come true … one step at a time.

Do Something Different

Are you consistently feeling bored with your life, always wishing for some exciting event to occur? If the answer to the question is yes, you need to examine your daily routine. … Are you living your life on autopilot? Are you driving the same way to work, eating the same salad for lunch, going out to dinner at the same place on the same night every week, and having the same arguments with your children/husband/significant other?

If this describes your existence, more or less, you need to make some serious changes.

You see . . . people become comfortable with routines that allow them to use hardly any brainpower, to avoid conflict, and maintain a state of inertia. It’s just human nature. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Furthermore, it’s a guaranteed method to ensure you and everyone around you is miserable.

Commit to reviving your life by getting out of your comfort zone. Try an activity you’ve never dared to attempt. Start a conversation with someone at the coffee shop, making sure to smile and genuinely listen to their words. Join a local group and attend meetings—maybe making some new friends in the process.

Just stop making excuses and take the first step.

Remember: Someone’s Effort Is a Reflection of Their Interest in You

The year 2020 is here; therefore, it’s time to begin making positive changes in your life. After all, nothing says new year like crafting a new you, right? So, today I want to provide you some information to contemplate.

Individuals that consistently demonstrate a lack of interest in you—by clearly showing an absence of effort—are telling you something. “You are not important to me.

What do I mean by that statement? The best way to answer your question is with a couple of examples. (Note: These are just examples, and any resemblance between these characters and actual people is purely coincidental.)

Example 1 – Tammy has a girlfriend named Sally. Now, Tammy is always making plans to spend time with her friend Sally, calling her on the phone, and including her in family activities (e.g., birthday parties, bowling with the kids). However, Sally rarely calls Tammy or invites her to any event. Moreover, when Sally does show up to functions in which Tammy has invited her, Sally is always running late, forgetting items she committed to bringing, or spending time on her phone.

Example 2 – Tom has a brother by the name of Bob. Once or twice a month, Tom invites his brother to dinner, but Bob never accepts the invitation. More often than not, Bob never even returns Tom’s calls or e-mails. Furthermore, when the two meet at their parents’ house for Christmas or Thanksgiving, Bob only talks about himself and his problems—never asking about Tom or his children.

The examples above depicted a friend and brother; nevertheless, these instances could have included a girlfriend/boyfriend, coworker/boss, or husband/wife. The message is the same regardless of the relationship: There is a direct correlation between the amount of effort someone exerts in a relationship and their interest in you.

Therefore, unless it’s your husband, wife, or child, you need to make a decision regarding the individuals in your life who are putting forth little or no effort. One-sided relationships are not healthy for either person involved. You might want to consider removing Sally or Bob from your life. And if it is a familial relationship, you need to communicate your feelings and possibly seek counseling from a professional.

Remember to Be Grateful

I’d be willing to venture that some of you didn’t get precisely everything you wanted for Christmas. Maybe Santa forgot the state-of-the-art gaming console, or the two-carat diamond ring never made it under the tree. Perhaps money was a little scarce for some individuals this holiday season.

At times like these, it’s particularly important to be grateful for all you’ve been blessed with—regardless of your situation. Otherwise, you will become discontent every time your cravings are not met. And that, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

You see . . . being replete with gratitude is the passport to contentment. In the words of Pharrell Williams, “It’s not possible to experience constant euphoria, but if you’re grateful, you can find happiness in everything.” (More accurate words have never been spoken.)

Therefore, if you desire a life filled with happiness, first you must learn to be grateful in each and every situation. Then, and only then, will you be truly content. As a result, you might not need to replace your smartphone every year, the car you’re driving might suffice for now, or your costume jewelry might shine a little brighter.

Take a Chill

Not everyone is going to agree when it comes to politics, faith, relationships, childrearing, etc., but your viewpoint does not exonerate you from treating another human being with disrespect or loathing. It’s okay to disagree. It’s all right to have different views.

Here’s an idea: Instead of looking for differences in an individual, why don’t you unearth the similarities in your fellow man/woman. In fact, you might even discover something about yourself.

Novel concept, right?

Moreover, as a mentally and emotionally healthy adult, you don’t have to take offense at every opposing comment. Grow some thicker skin—particularly the men out there. We’re not in grade school anymore.

I’ve actually had people on Twitter call me names and make threats. Why? Because I don’t agree with their view on a political candidate, or I don’t accept the story that climate change is going to destroy the world in a few years. (Give me fifty lashes with a wet noodle.)

All I’m saying is do the world a favor this holiday season and take a chill.