Do Your Actions Match Your Words?

How many times has someone—perhaps with good intentions—told you they would do something, only to never follow through? Or worse yet, how often do you fail at putting action behind your words? The truth is anyone can talk a good game; however, your actions are the indisputable proof that validates those words.

According to my good, old friend Mark Twain: “Actions speak louder than words, but not nearly as often.”

I believe there are two primary reasons why people don’t make good on their words: (1) They are attempting to impress people by promising what they can’t or don’t want to carry out. (2) They have a difficult time saying no—so they reluctantly say yes. Subsequently, their desire isn’t powerful enough to engender action because they were unwilling from the start.

First, if you really want to impress someone, you should deliver on your agreements. That simple action is unimaginably impressive. Nothing conveys integrity better than being a man or woman whose word is reliable.

Second, learn to respect yourself and others. You can do this by merely saying no when necessary and yes whenever you can—anything else is unsatisfactory. I believe most people would prefer being told no rather than receiving a false promise.

So, make a vow to yourself today that your actions will always match your words. And I will leave you with a quote from Wesam Fawzi: “Ordinary People Promise To Do More. Extraordinary People Just Do More.”

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