Stop the I’ll Do It Tomorrow Attitude

In the Bible we read: “. . . the love of money is the root of all evil . . .” (1 Timothy 6:10). And I believe that to be true; however, procrastination comes in a close second. Putting something off until tomorrow is rarely a good idea. How often I’ve heard people make comments like: I’ll start my diet next week; I’ll begin exercising at the beginning of next year; I’ll initiate a job search “soon.” Well, do you know what all these statements have in common?

They are all statements of procrastination.

Sure, you can attempt to justify your inactivity in a plethora of ways, but rationalizing will not lead to favorable results. Taking action is the only method to achieve your goals and thus success, and the sooner you develop the tendency for action vs inaction the better.

Therefore, I’ll provide you with a list of suggestions to assist you in squelching procrastination.

1) Read the book The 5 Second Rule by author and motivational speaker Mel Robbins. (I am not sponsored or in any way compensated for my recommendation.) You will be amazed by the sheer simplicity and practicality of this book.

2) Stop striving for perfection because perfection is a yardstick that does not exist. Moreover, don’t worry if you haven’t got all the answers—learn as you go or ask for assistance. Reaching out to someone for help does not mean you are inadequate.

3) Communicate your goals to somebody—including a deadline, preferably—so that you feel the pressure to take action. The fear of looking like a fool can be a useful weapon, so use it to your advantage.

4) Surround yourself with friends and coworkers who are action minded. People have a tendency to emulate the individuals they hang out with; consequently, if you spend more time with people of action and less time with procrastinators, you’ll be more apt to succeed.

5) Reward yourself for accomplishing tasks. It can be something as simple as a nice dinner or as extravagant as a vacation, depending on the particular goal and your budget. The point is: have a dangling carrot to keep you moving forward if necessary.

So, now you have absolutely no reason to continue dilly-dallying (aka procrastinating) because you have the necessary tools to succeed. Also, don’t berate yourself for missteps because that will only have negative effects. If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and move on.